Hawaii Gov outlines tourist ‘climate tax’

Hawaii Governor Josh Green’s proposed ‘climate tax’ for tourists will cost $25.

Long been discussed, the proposed bill calls for a one-time fee to help fund conservation and restoration of natural resources across the Aloha state.

Calls for more funding to mitigate damage from overtourism has gotten louder following the Maui wildfires last year.

Lawmakers have called for action now to address damage to the environment with Hawaii attracting close to 10 million tourists annually.

A full restoration of Maui is expected to cost at least $6 billion and will take years.

Last year, lawmakers failed to pass a $50 ‘green fee’ for tourists to access to Hawaii’s state parks and coastal areas.

“I’ll renew our efforts to pass a climate fee to help us stare down the terrible impacts of climate change,” Green said.

“Last year, it stalled a little bit. We need to do a little better this year.”

The revenue generated by the climate tax would bring in about $68 million a year.

The bill states the funds it generates would be put toward wildfire and flood prevention measures as well as coral reef conservation.

“We already collect fees from travellers. This modest fee is far less than the resort fees or other taxes visitors have paid for years,” Green said

If it is passed, the climate fee would the first of its kind in the US.


Source TravelMole.com