FACEBOARDING The innovative facial recognition system

FaceBoarding is a service that allows passengers at Milan Linate to access security controls and carry out boarding procedures through an innovative facial recognition system.


What is it about?

Safe, simple and fast. You no longer need to show your passport/electronic identity card and boarding pass at the various checkpoints in the airport. FaceBoarding allows you to proceed more smoothly and efficiently simply by showing your face.

Travellers are free to choose whether or not to use the new system: it is still possible to carry out checks in the traditional way.

Who is it aimed at?

The FaceBoarding project is available to all adult passengers at Milano Linate with an electronic document (passport or identity card1). Security checks can be accessed via facial recognition for anyone who wishes to do so. 

All passengers of airlines that have joined the service can also board via FaceBoarding.


How does it work?

After checking in online or at the dedicated counters at the airport and, if necessary, checking in your baggage, you can register for FaceBoarding by going to the kiosks in the dedicated area near check-in island 8.

We are also working on offering passengers the option to register for the service via their smartphone. A dedicated FaceBoarding mobile app will soon be available for both Android and iOS.

All the steps you need to take at the airport kiosks are outlined below, by following the simple instructions shown on the kiosk monitor:
  • Read the Privacy Policy and consent to the processing of your personal data.
  • Register your boarding pass by scanning it using the kiosk reader.
  • Register your electronic document by placing it next to the same reader.
  • Scan your face using the kiosk camera.
  • Choose between registering for the service for only one flight or for the entire programme (until 31 December 2025 if the passenger joins before that date; until 31 December of the year in which the passenger joins FaceBoarding if registering after 31 December 2025).
  • Go to the dedicated FaceBoarding turnstile to access the security filters. One biometric gate for Fast Track passengers and two biometric gates for all other passengers are available for FaceBoarding passengers.
  • Pass through the boarding gates using the dedicated lane if the airline you are travelling with has joined the FaceBoarding service.
  • For each subsequent access, passengers who have opted for registration for the entire programme can associate their boarding passes again using the electronic kiosks at the airport as a registered user. Passengers who have chosen to keep their registration only for 24 hours must repeat the entire registration.
For the process to be successful, you must register as soon as you receive your boarding pass, starting one week before the flight and up to 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of the flight.

Passengers who do not yet possess their boarding pass can pre-register for the service by registering their identity document and face and only then complete the registration process by associating their boarding pass.

* There may be some limitations related to the issuing country and/or the date of issue of the electronic identity card.


Processing of personal data

Data is only processed for the purpose of participation in the project. In particular, facial images are not stored, but are only used to create a biometric template required for passing security checks and eventually board at the gate. Personal data relating to the identity document are stored – in encrypted form – for a period ranging from 24 hours to 31 December 2025, depending on the consent given by the passenger during registration. Personal data from the boarding pass are automatically deleted 24 hours after the actual flight departure.

Any passenger may revoke or change the consent given during registration by sending a request to the Data Protection Officer at the email address privacy@seamilano.eu or by ordinary mail addressed to the Data Protection Officer – 20054 Segrate (Milan) at Milan Linate Airport or by requesting the assistance of the SEA operator specifically appointed for this purpose.

Source MilanolinateAirport