Australian travellers are being urged to double and triple-check visa requirements before travel following several ‘significant’ shifts in popular destinations including Chile and the US.

Travel insurer Fastcover has warned Aussies that “significant visa changes await Australians, impacting even those on quick layovers”.

Now more than ever it is important to check requirements before travel, the insurer said in an update.

“Taking this extra step can save you from unexpected detours and ensure your travels remain smooth sailing”.

Examples of significant changes include Chile where Australians planning a layover now need a transit visa. Meanwhile, things have become even stricter in the US where even Aussies on short-term visas are now required to have documentation.

In Vietnam,  visa policies are also evolving with travellers recommended to check the latest updates.

Fastcover says “as visa requirements are constantly changing, always remember to look up reliable sources like Smart Traveller and Passport Index to triple-check your visa requirements. These platforms provide real-time updates and comprehensive information to ensure you’re well-prepared for your upcoming adventures”.