Virtual Pursers

We are pleased to be affiliated with Virtual Purser’s assisting with travel requirements in the form of marine/published flights. hotel bookings and car hire.


Virtual Pursers has been founded by Bec Mckeever and Dominique Smit. Both who have many years of experience with the yachting industry working on various large yachts within the industry.




Bec Mckeever                                                           Dominique Smit


They are providing valuable shore-side support to vessels and to follow are some of their services –


  • Accounts and bookkeeping
  • Budgets and forecasts
  • Charter expenditure and management
  • Port clearance and departure
  • Employment / contracts
  • Documentation management and certificate renewal
  • Vacation / holiday sheets / timesheets
  • Flights, travel and accommodation
  • Itinerary building, planning, and execution


For full details of services follow this link


Contact Details

  • +44 203 514 0413