Thousands protest in Barcelona against overtourism

A huge overtourism protest swept across Barcelona at the weekend at the most significant demonstration yet against tourist overcrowding.

More than 150 organisations marched on Barcelona’s streets comprising an estimated 3,000 people.

They demonstrated outside hotels and restaurants.

It follows similar protests in the Canary Islands and Mallorca.

Protesters chanted ‘tourists, go home.’

Activist Martí Cusó said: “We want the city’s economic model to prioritise other much fairer economies. And for that we consider that we have to decrease tourism.”

Barcelona is the country’s most visited city.

It attracts about 32 million visitors a year, with many arriving on cruise ships.

City leaders have already restricted cruise ship traffic and is hiking the tourist tax later this year.

Barcelona city council recently announced it will rid the city of about 10,000 registered short-term rentals which are marketed to tourists.

As well as overcrowding and congestion, protestors see the declining number of affordable housing options as a major negative impact from tourism.


Source TravelMole