The Forty Winks Nap Lounge – Heathrow

Forty Winks Sleep Pods – British Airways


If you are fortunate enough to be traveling through The Galleries First Lounge at Heathrow Terminal, you will now be able to enjoy the use of one of the 7 sleep pods in the “Forty Winks” zone.


Settle into the pod, swing down the privacy screen and recline into a

‘zero gravity position’ which elevates the feet and reduces pressure on

the cardiac system.

At the touch of a button, a guided relaxation session or a soundtrack

of specifically composed sleep music plays through internal Bose

speakers. Once the sleep session concludes, which lasts 20 minutes,

Customers are offered a wake up drink and hot towel.

No booking is required, and customers can simply show up on the day

with digital signage indicating when a pod becomes free.

A further five pods will be installed in the Concorde Room and three

in the BA lounge in New York JFK.

For more information on BA lounges please follow the link