Blue Marine Travel’s Photo Competition 2021


With all the travelling that our clients take around the world, we thought that there would be some fantastic photographs that some of you have taken.  With this in mind we have set up


The Blue Marine Travel’s Photo Competition 2021.


Each month we will announce a winner from the photographs that we received and they will be displayed on this page and our social media. Winners of each month will receive a £50.00 donation to a charity of their choice and the overall winner of the year will receive a £500.00 donation to a charity of their choice.


So get entering now, we cannot wait to see your photographs!


Please send your photographs to




Winner – Keegan Moffat

Keegan sent in a picturesque nature scene of Cape Town, South Africa, and his chosen charity is the Global Wildlife Conservation




Winner – Laurent Kramer

Laurent managed to get a breathtaking picture of a South Florida resident Lemon Shark, he wanted to give his winning donation to Shark Allies




Winner – Leslie Lopez

Leslie had the unique experience to be part of the 36th Americas Cup, that took place in Auckland, New Zealand this year. She managed to get some action shots of the sailing yacht she was on. Her chosen charity is SPCA, Auckland




Winner – Keith Samarakone

Keith shared this awe-inspiring sunset photo with us. This was taken in Quepos, Costa Rica on one of his many yachtie adventures. Keith decided to donate his winnings to feeding some hungry paw friends at Animal SOS Sri Lanka 




Winner – Sajad Markar

Another magnificent sunrise photo from a yachtie in Carillo, Costa Rica. Thank you Sajad for sharing this photo with us, and your donation will be made to the Department of Wildlife Conservation




Winner – Cherie Clothier

Cherie sent us a heart-stirring photo from port of Nice, “The Old and New”. Borneo Wildlife Preservation will be receiving the funds on behalf of Cherie and her eye for detail.