27/11/20 Travelling on Philippines Airline  – Effective November 28,2020, all passengers are required to download and register for an account on the FREE Traze Contact Tracing app prior to their flight, in compliance with Philippine government rules.


23/11/20 – Travel abroad from the Philippines, including non essential travel trips allowed, subject to travel requirements of Philippines government and country of destination.

Eligible Passengers for Travel to the Philippines

  • Filipino Nationals
    • Philippine Passport
    • Proof of citizenship
    • Pre-booked quarantine hotel accredited by Tourism and Health Agencies
    • RT-PCR Test (Swab Test) upon arrival in the Philippines (at traveler’s expense)
  • Non-Filipino/Foreign spouse / children or children with special needs of a Filipino national
    • Passport with Philippine entry visa or long-term visa
    • For spouses: authentic marriage certificate and any other document as proof of nationality of Filipino spouse
    • For minor children (17 years old and below) and children with special needs (regardless of age): birth certificate and any other document as proof of nationality of Filipino parent
    • If unable to present a marriage certificate or proof affiliation to the Filipino national, a letter from the PH Department of Foreign Affairs exempting passenger from the travel restrictions
    • May or may not travel with Filipino spouse/parent. If not traveling with Filipino spouse/parent, the Filipino spouse/parent should be alive and must be in the Philippines during the intended date of travel.
    • Must meet the four (4) conditions of the IATF-EID
  • Non-Filipino/Foreign seafarers with 9(c) visa
    • Passport /Seaman’s Book
    • Must meet the four (4) conditions of the IATF-EID
  • Non-Filipino/Foreign nationals with an eligible long-term visa
    • Eligible Visas:
    • Section 13 series visa (Sec. 13; Sec. 13(a); Sec. 13(b); Sec. 13(c); Sec. 13(d); Sec. 13(e); Sec. 13(g))
    • RA 7919 visa
    • EO 324 visa
    • Native Born visa
    • Temporary Resident Visa relative to Section 13 of CA 613, as amended (based on Memorandum Order (MO) No. ADD-01-038/ ADD 02-015)
    • MCL-07-021 Permanent Resident Visa based on Section 13(a) of CA 613 under MO No. MCL-07-021
    • 9E
    • TRV
    • Effective November 1, 2020: Investor’s Visa, 47A2 Visa from the Department of Justice, visas from the Aurora Pacific Economic Zone and Freeport Authority and the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority
    • Must meet the four (4) conditions of the IATF-EID


If you do not have an existing entry or long-term visa, you must apply and secure one from your country’s Philippine Consulate or at your nearest Philippine Foreign Service Post.

Four (4) conditions of the IATF-EID:

  • Must have a valid and existing visa at the time of entry;
  • With pre-booked accredited quarantine facility;
  • With pre-booked COVID-19 testing provider;
  • Subject to the maximum capacity of inbound passengers as set by the National Task Force for COVID-19.