Heathrow Airport – Hidden Disabilities

Heathrow Airport, the biggest airport in the United Kingdom, have released an article to speak about their extra help available for those with hidden disabilities.

Disabilities such as autism, dementia or anxiety can be hidden and not always recognised.

Heathrow Airport say that help is always at hand at the airport for those in need. If you would like to book assistance, you just let your airline know 48 hours in advance and their specially-trained staff will take care of you.



Sunflower Lanyards

Sunflower Lanyards are worn by those with hidden disabilities so the staff at Heathrow Airport are able to identify these passengers and can give extra care and help when needed. This is a good idea as those with hidden disabilities are able to be recognised without the need to declare it. This allows you to travel independently through the airport whilst knowing that if you need any additional support during your journey, any of the members of staff are able to support you.


How do you get one? 

If you are travelling through Heathrow within the next six months, they would be happy to post you a lanyard wherever you are in the world.

They ask for an email to special_assistance@heathrow.com with all the following information included:

  • Full name (including surnames)
  • Departing / Connecting or Arriving terminal
  • Flight number(s)
  • Postal address where your lanyard will be delivered
  • Number of lanyards are required


There are also some locations in Heathrow Airport where you can alternatively collect your lanyard.


Further Information

For any further information, please follow the link below: