Crew Travel Updates for September 7th, 2020 with Lee Harris of Blue Marine Travel

Crew Travel Updates for September 7th, 2020 with Lee Harris of Blue Marine Travel and Rhea Rouw of Yachting International Radio


News again out of Australia and the Philippines. Updates for the major Airlines in the US, and answers to some Crew Questions.
Any questions that you may have in regards to crew travel info to be addressed on the next show, please send an email to
In regards to the crew question about crew change over in Panama, please refer to the AMP website ( under the section SEAFARERS FOR CREW CHANGE and refer to Modality 1, where you can also find guidelines for disembarkation of crew.

Recommendations for travelling during the Covid Pandemic:

Prior to Departure

• Arrange for a PCR test to be completed no more than 72 hours prior to flight departure. Although not mandatory on every airline/country visited, BMT strongly recommends having the test completed.
• Check in online 24 hours before flight departure to allow for minimal contact on arrival at airport
• Go to website… and download the passenger locator form. Complete and carry with you with your other important documents, ie passport, yacht papers and discharge book. Most Countries now require a passenger locator form completed upon arrival, downloading and completing this prior to arrival at the departing airport will save time.
• Most airlines are limiting carry on luggage, check your respective airlines website and pack accordingly

Departure Day

• On arrival at your departing airport please wear a face mask at all times
• Arrive at the airport at least 4 hours prior to departure
• Be prepared to have temperature/thermal imaging taken prior to passing through security
• To reduce the risk of Covid, airlines are running a reduced in flight meal service. Due to this Blue Marine Travel recommends, travelling crew once ‘airside’ purchase food and drink to take in on the aircraft with then
• Once on-board continue to wear face mask for the entire journey
• On arrival at your destination, have the passenger locator form and other documents easily accessible
• Be prepared for further temperature checks/thermal imaging
Blue Marine Travel also strongly recommends that all passengers check their respective airlines website for any specific requirements they may have whilst travelling at this time.
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