Crew Travel Update, 15 November

Mid November is here, and Christmas Carols are streaming everywhere (too soon, i’ll say). Our very own Lee Harris and the lovely Rhea Rouw from Yachting International radio brings you this week’s crew travel update.

If you are heading to the METS this week, this is a must watch or listen!! Lee gives us all the details on the requirements, the paperwork, and relevant links and how to fill out certain paperwork from the different countries!

News as well out of Belgium and Austria, Air France and KLM are making travel easier. Some changes for Air New Zealand, and crew questions in regards to non vaccinated crew and travel to the US.


Time Stamps:

0:00 Intro

01:59 METS requirements

05:36 Belgium

06:20 Air France & KLM

09:19 Air New Zealand and MLQ lottery

11:02 Austria

11:37 Crew Questions


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